Inflow and Infiltration monitoring


The SmartCover® is a self contained, wireless level monitoring system with instant alarming and historical data logging capabilities.

One of the features of the SmartCover® system is locating and qualifying areas that are affected by Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). Inflow and Infiltration occurs when clean groundwater and/or storm water flow into the wastewater collection system, through cracked sewer lines, leaky manholes or erroneously connected storm drains. Inflow and Infiltration can cause problems in a collection system through increased capacity flow during wet weather and is compounded by the additional cost of treating storm water in a wastewater treatment plant.

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Inflow and Infiltration detection is possible using the historical data trending capabilities of the SmartCover® system. Comparing the dry weather level data to wet weather level data will indicate the areas that are affected by Inflow and Infiltration. This feature comes standard with the SmartCover® system. Because the SmartCover® is less expensive than other remote sewer monitoring systems with similar capability, it can be widely deployed throughout a collection system giving the customer the best cost to benefit ratio available.

Example of Inflow and Infiltration detection using the SmartCover® system.

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